ESPN Photo Wow, watching the Olympic BMX brought back some memories. I remember being in the start, and the nervous energy surrounding the whole event. The course looked beautiful with perfect weather and a full stadium. There were enough rounds to kind of get a feel for each rider and watch some different lines. Tons of crashes though, I don't miss that. Seems like all the media people focus on the carnage to keep it interesting to spectators. Easy way to make some headlines; scorpion into a roller. Few Kamakazi french moves out there as well, kinda had to hold my breath as one guy hopped the rocks inside the white line. You never know what is gonna happen or where the other riders are going to be, that's the game of it, ready for anything. Crazy that there were no British, French, or US medals. Quite a different story this time around.

For the Women's rounds, for sure that first semi was really difficult, stacked, but the whole field was really talented. Devastating to watch Alise go down after strong starts and incredible pull down the ramp. She said she was ok, but had a concussion. Good for Brooke to play is steady to get into the final, she has so much style:)

For the final, the favorites had a lot of pressure. I called Pajon ages ago, she just has the most talent and history of success. Caroline Buchanan looked really really fit and strong as well. It was a little sad to watch her not make the medals after being that dominant all day. Shanaze too, she has so much pressure again, it was a tough race.

You could kinda read what they were thinking on the Gate, but the calm confident person usually rises. I was wondering why Pajon picked lane 5. It gave her the space to focus on herself. She had the fastest times to the bottom of the ramp, so to get past the kink with a clear lane was smart. Caroline and Shanaze got boxed in on the inside by Latietia. Sarah Walker kinda struggled all day, but pulled out the silver when it counted. Like to think Bronze is the award for best battle:).

Strombergs was so calm, I could feel he was gonna win after the last semi, when there were lots of tense close moments, and he did all the right things to be in position and out of trouble. Lifetime of work put into it. Latvia had a full team this time, obviously doing something right over there, he is their only gold medalist- 2 total for these games so far. Wow. I wish someone would do a story on him in latvia to see what his life is like there.

Anyway, congrats to everyone who went, and the medalists. It is the most difficult task to be selected and compete at the olympic games. Everyone there has talent. Enjoy the wave for the next few months:)