Today was the time trial BMX event in London!!!. Seems like a really long time since the Beijing games, 4 years, but for London the sport is bigger than ever, with a beautifully landscaped technical course primed for action .

After about 6 years of Supercross history, most countries have it figured out with gearing, technique, training, etc. Leg speed is crazy to watch, but shifting never proved to be faster, keeping bmx equipment simple and solid.

USA, France, Australia, GBR, and the Dutch have really strong showings in cycling events. For BMX throw in Latvia, New Zealand, and Colombia to the mix as well. BMX has world wide participation, so it's cool to see the variety of colors, and fancy paint jobs. Think USA has the best looking kits, but I am also a little bias. Nike stuff always looks good.

Material science comes into play; light-weight tailored breathable gear for pedaling seems to outperform the standard moto kit. Well unless you hit the pavement, then I think the heavier material would be way better. All or nothing at that point anyway.

I got a little neardy trying to put in split points agains the clock to see who was faster where. Definatly in the girls TT, cutting the turns a little more inside was faster, especially out of the tunnel and going into the rhythm section. Last turn had a couple tenths to cut too. Caroline Buchanon has Mountian bike experience and looked to have her lines sorted in the corners, also set the fastest time. Pajon was actually the fastest in most spots. She lost some tenths in the last turn and rhythm section to the finish. Opposite with Latietia, she made up ground from the tunnel to the finish, cut inside real hard on the second turn which was way faster. Sarah Walker was really good too, but like a tenth slower down the ramp. There are a few girls who have caught up to shanaze's power down the start ramp, so it's gonna be good. Obviously a time trial is not the same as racing 8 people all together, but getting out first in the first 3 cranks and the bottom of the ramp will be super key.

The USA girls looked good too!!!. Alise Post has awesome starts, reaction times, and power down the ramp, and Brooke has the style and form on the jumps, so it's wide open for Friday.

In the men's race, it is so close technically, that is gonna come down to the power and the snap. I am a little nervous for the hip chicane thing, such a bottleneck with nowhere to go.Looks like that inside is it and it's tight to hold. Dunno. They had to boost to clear the jump before, so 3rd-8th may be wild and exciting. Dutch rider took the win with a dialed lap, but Herman, Connor, and Nic will hopefully have the power. The Haro bikes looked really good, BTW, my fav scheme- stealth. Connor looked strong smooth and poised, just one little mistake in the rhythm. French guy- Daudet was buttery smooth, and fast. Latvia champ was also looking good. Hard to tell till you get everyone lined up. I didn't do their stats. either way, should be exciting. See if we can get a sweep for USA this time.