Bryn is in Val d'isere, France at the World Cup. Race is early tomorrow. Just wanted to say good luck!!! He got caught in a gnarly storm in qualifying 2 days ago, but is primed and ready for the big show. He was 40th? so just outside the top 30 for webstream coverage. Photo


Val d'isere – July 29th, 2012 – Round #6 of the World Cup was back in Europe in the South East of France. Val d'Isere is about 6000 feet above sea level, and the tight valley was open to changes in weather, sometimes by the minute. The track was different from what the World Cup has seen over the last few months; very narrow and exposed, with only one tree section at the bottom. New venues with variety give an exciting mix to the schedule.

With sunny hot conditions all through practice, qualifying would see a big change with wind, rain, and thunder unleashing some havoc on a handful of riders. Bryn just so happened to have caught the worst of it, in what a UCI official commented "was of storm of biblical proportions" for about 7 riders ranked in the 20's and 30's. Bryn would hold it together to qualify 40th, while others had a dry track by the end of qualifying. In the final he had a good run going, hitting 16th at the first split, and ultimately finishing 75th after going off the track and down into a creek.

Bryn had this to say "I felt the best I have on my bike this year, I was having a blast, and feel like i'm shredding again. I rolled the dice with a risky line in the last rock section and went off the track, but at least I went for it, and feel good about leaving everything out there."