VANCOUVER, BC I suppose the one upside to being injured is that I get some time to do different stuff. Norco had their 2013 product launch this weekend in Vancouver for some dealers, and invited me and a few other Norco riders. I even said a few words in the Aurum presentation, little testimonial :).

THis was my first ever product launch for any bike company, and I was so impressed with the new bikes and all the people surrounding Norco. SHop owners, Sales reps, engineers, marketing, riders, etc. NORCO is a great brand, lots of long term employees- some 30 years, nice people, legit distribution, solid dealers, etc. They also literally had every bike on display from the catalog, like  over 100 bikes inside the fancy hotel, felt a little like interbike:) The week is basically presentations for a few hrs each morning, afternoon riding/demos, then dinners and smoozing:).

I have done media camps with the magazine people, but this was educational and more social for me since I can't ride yet. Liked hearing Bike shop owners' stories. I had several days of looking at all the sweet 2013 demo bikes and just fantasizing about riding. The 2013 line up is going to impress a lot of people, the attention to detail and refinements of these bikes is top notch. Team effort, but the engineering team deserves a lot of credit, PJ and Owen. For me, their 2012 bikes that I have ridden (sight, Aurum) have incredible balance, clean lines, and they handle light and nimble, and it keeps getting better...

650B has hit the range and sight for next year,and have been getting insane feedback. All positive that I have heard. Had to try, so I rode down a dirt path, and admit that it was noticeably easier to climb and pedal. Team riders Mike Hopkins, Darcy, Hoots, and every one else  were raving about it as well. Heal faster arm:) All I can think about is SST trail calling my name, adn the perfect flow and brown dirt.

Overall a good couple of days. It's nice to see the ins and outs of the bike world, and I appreciate all the different sides and people of the business. Learned all about how the bikes are made, the technology, price points, spec, folding moving blankets, etc. so it was really fun for me to be involved. Thx Norco .