ADELAIDE, SA, AUSTRALIAI had never been to Eagle Bike Park before, but there is a bit of everything here as far as xc, dh, 4x, pump track. Not the biggest hill or most difficult track, but slippery and very hot, which gives it a different type of challenge. Energy, traction, fluid intake, all important things to keep in mind here. Word on the street is that the temperature may reach 40 C degrees  on race day, aka- 104 degrees F, yuck. Not too much shade, so having the ol motorhome is really nice for some relief.

I did a few cruise-y runs today. Seemed like there were people crashing all over the place, kinda hard to keep the flow going. There is one bit that is pretty tricky right in the middle of the course- rock garden type thing. It is a left turn with either a rock inside or an offcamber dusty outside, into some other rocks turning right, then a high speed section. I was sitting on the side, watching there, looked over, and a Koala was chilling in the tree like 2 feet from me. That was the highlight of the day for sure.

There are some fast riders here. Bryn, Sam Hill, Troy, Jared Graves, Rhys, the other Rhys- Willemse, Mitch Delfs, Will Rischbieth, Ben Cory, Rando on his trail bike, Connor Fearon, I am forgetting people, but yeah. Guess Mic Hannah has a knee injury, and no Kovariks, Josh Button is out with his knee as well, who else? Dunno. Tracy Hannah is here. Think I am the only international. Aussie land has some rippers- Juniors are going well, there are about 5-6 that are real impressive.

Also wanted to say thank you to the Rischbieth family for hosting us:) Good times up here in the hills of Adelaide.  More practice tomorrow.