My little buddy Joel Willis and I attended the Y-Aim class out at Clarence MX on the weekend. Holy crap the weather has been so shocking the last few months, maybe two full days without rain that I can remember. This Saturday was am torrential rain, followed buy sun and blue skies, followed by another big storm, sun, etc. River runs through it and puddles, but the sand loved it. Track was almost perfect once the sun came out, just puddly. As a local, once you see the Black Cockatoos heading out, you know it's gonna rain. Never fails, those birds read low pressure.

Learned a bunch of set up drills, and helpful tips. Never done full laps standing up, that was interesting. Some clutch throttle slow speed drills, popping wheelies, braking, etc. I'm loving my new Renthal Moto gear. Unbreakable levers are awesome:)

Shane Booth- the main instructor, teaches year round, so they had the system down. Quite a mix of people, lots of little kids on 50's and 85's :) They hand in their log books to get credit towards a licence or something, dunno. Little kids like to kick rocks and get muddy at that age, pretty cute.

The other instructor/ assistant was such a ripper, skinny as hell (pencil legs), but went sooo fast- Jordan, didn't catch his last name. Bet he's top 5 in his category Nation-wide. Fun to watch.

It's a few days since it happened, so I don't really have a lot to say now. Everyone was super nice, but it wasn't the most personal experience. They didn't really ask us any questions, do any individual instruction, or know our names, but doing these weekly, there would probably not be much point to knowing names. I had fun. Bit different scene than the ol mountain bike world.

___________________________________________________ Just signed up for a class this saturday with the Yamaha-Australian Institute of Motocross or Y-AIM. Pretty excited. MX is part of our weekly training regime, so basic instruction with fundamentals can always help break it down and build it back up. The 250 loves it.