I've been watching the Australian Open Tennis non-stop. It's a lot like zoning out, but good lessons to be learned. I love the commentary from Jim Courier and crew. Also interesting to see different players in high pressure situations.

The Federer vs. Nadal semi final match the other night was awesome, both champions, Nadal advanced. I cheer for Federer to hear his interviews  (they only speak to the winner). He blows me away how calm and collected he always is, plus honest, insightful, and humble. Hero material, if you will.

Anyway, Pretty cruisy ladies final tonight for Azarenka against Sharapova. First time Grand slam winner is always cool to see. Tennis has female superstars, that's for sure. $2,300,000 for the W, over a million for the runner up. Sigh, wish more women's sports had this kind of  prestige. They were calling this match the Scream Queen final, cause they both scream every hit of the ball. I think Azarenka is a bad ass:) She's in the zone, and it shows. Nice one.

Men's final tomorrow. #1 vs. #2. Joker vs. Nadal. So funny how OCD Nadal is with the butt pick, nose scratch, tuck , tuck , bounce bounce bounce , serve. Banana. Water bottles in their spot, Uncle Tony  in the stands. Good Characters all around.