MX and biking go hand in hand, tons of crossover, so as you can imagine it's pretty exciting when the Supercross season starts up. 2 wheel action is amazing! They parallel our MTB industry a tad, but at like 10,000 times the scale and more cash- handlebars and wheels. Lots easier for them to run just a US circuit and have semi trucks and all the flair in the pits that goes with it. Anyway, some guy was streaming A1 over the internet live from Speed channel, and we got to watch the whole thing unfold over here in Australia. Pretty sweet. Only a matter of time before that guy gets shut down and his ass handed to him by some corporate lawyer, but we salute you!!!

Racing is so wild. Never know what is going to happen. RV had an impressive performance. Think with a few more diverse and challenging tracks there will be an awesome season of racing.

I love all the new kits, graphics, fresh bikes, etc. Pro circuit gear Thor stuff looked the best I thought. Brayton's one gear was sweet too, with the goggles accenting it. Dungey's was decent, should've gone with the black boots though:)  Nioce.

We follow these podcast shows on pulp mx and racer X, that have all kinds of interviews and analysis. Good way to commute and waste time. Steve Matthes, Ping, Weege,  and his buddies talk a lot, but you get quite a few tasty morsels of info from behind the scenes.

Speed has Ricky Carmichael and Emig as commentators too , which is amazing. Most pro sports have the best commentators, and it makes such a huge difference. Football, Tennis, NBA, etc. They offer so much insight, then have post game wrap up shows. Not just stating the obvious makes it easy to be a fan and learn things by following along. Love hearing interviews from the top people, again, many parallels to any sport.

In MX, most of the guys say the same thing over and over, but RV has been the star with insight as well as winning races. Woo.

Stewart is gonna rally back, but has some work to do.Love it. Next week, they go to Pheonix. Trey Canard might spice it up. Overall, real exciting to watch. Later.