The announcement just went out about our new team.

This has been a fun project getting everything together for a team again. We had most of the pieces in place, with co sponsors and the structure, so with a little hustle we found a new partner in Norco bicycles. We are a separate team to the Dirt Norco boys, but we owe them a lot for helping develop such a rad bike. Norco is fairly close to home- only a couple hrs away in Vancouver BC. Really nice people , and the 2012 line up of bikes are incredible, check em out.

Back in October Bryn and I set up a little home office, had meetings at the bike show,  product orders, testing, invoicing, logistics, etc. ANd we are going to win a bunch of races, which is the priority!! Mom is on it for Accounting, plus shipping and receiving:) Family effort while we are over here in oz.

A little time management around training, and boom, that's it. Haha Kinda.

Its easier to show up and have everything handed to you sometimes, but that only last so long, and creating a job is a much more rewarding task. Gets things done to a certain standard. Just have to select a mechanic, photographer, figure out a european set up, and maybe look for a road manager. Dunno yet. Coming together though....

Just know this. Our kits are looking pretty rad, and we will be dialed:)

Thanks to everyone: Red Bull, Norco, Crankbrothers, Fox Shox, Shimano, Renthal, Maxxis, Lezyne, 5.10, e*13, dakine, Oakley, fi:z'ik, Cane creek, Alpine stars, TLD, Esoles.