You're probably asking yourself, why all the bmx tracks lately? Well, because there is snow on all the good trails and it's dark at 4pm. I've been the biggest gym rat lately and need to get out and ride my bike. Will be fun to go check out what Canadian Bmx/4x is all about:). Abbotsford is right across the border to Canada, so google tells me to drive North 2.5hrs from home, and that is what I shall do. With Bryn gone, I will have a couple weeks of frozen snowy goodness left before heading into Australian sunshine. Bikes+ snowboard, check and check

These guys have a 4x series, which sounds like riding a hardtail on a flat BmX track, but I am excited to be going for practice, followed hopefully by a visit to Pinkbike HQ, and then some snowboarding the following day bright and early.

I have tried to rally a small crew, so it's on. The average BMX track doesn't take long to master these days, so I hope these guys have a sweet rhythm section,or a bit of time to ride backwards and do transfers, my favorite game. Roadtrip.