PORT ORCHARD, WA Last night was pretty fun at indoor BMX with Kat Sweet, Daniel Mazuti, and the 10 ladies in our clinic on hardtails. I quite enjoy teaching these things, And always seem to get the best groups of people:).

Fundaments are so key, gives an appreciation for all the things I have learned over the years to help others. I have a pretty keen eye for cause and effect with biomechanics, so that helps. Got most everyone's timing better for pumping, form a little better, braking on point, gate starts, balancing on a gate, set up, cornering, etc:) Of course, can't learn everything in 2 hrs, but it was a good start. Think women learn best in a supportive all women scene. By the end of the night, we had full gates and full laps- racing. Lot of giggling and smiling faces from people who have never been to a bm track or ever raced 4x. Good stuff. Thanks to Kat for setting it up, and the Mazutis for hosting it. I even busted out my ol trusty bmx bike "Lady Killer" for some squirrely hot laps:) Girl Power? :)