Wow, track is getting rougher and rougher as the days go on. Every little section between rocks or whatever is losing more and more dirt. Ping pong down the track. Quali was set to be prime, felt ok all day:) Just had a hand slide off the bar at the bottom in a g out and crashed. Wasn't too bad, but had to go get my bike and was unclipped down the last fast shoot coming outta the woods. Not a stellar run. still in the mix, 11th. Gwin won the mens, pugin the women's . I thought from practice that Troy Brosnan was gonna do really really well, and he came 4th. He's riding a smooth track compared to everyone else. Guess ol Brendan would be onto it as well for finals. Minnaar with a mechanical apparantly, Peaty hit a tree. Saw quite a few loose moments. Stevie smith did awesome, hope he can back it up.

As for me. Glad there is another chance. I sort of like doing full run better than not, satisfying putting it together here cause it's so technical. Will have another look at some lines and handle business. Had a 4:20 yesterday, 4:26 today with a crash and an average run before that so we will see. Favorite part is the start and first two turns:) Was just so hard to hold on by the bottom....

Women's Quali Times:

Men's Quali Times: