So after I got through the first terrifying run:) The track is actually real fun to ride. Bit wild in spots, sketchy holding on through root gardens adn rocks. Took a lot of effort to enjoy and link together. Had a lot of skidding going on early, but now kinda know where to go I suppose. Roots are becoming polished and holes forming. It's only day 1, so long to go till sunday.

Did a full run at the end of practice for a time. Like how it's really obvious that it's just about riding the track, nothing else, no mind games nothing, just get down. I got lots of time to make up in the last couple of sections of the course, was braking cause it's sketchy and tiring. Hands are sooooo throbbing at the end of a run from braking mostly and the roughness of the holes, relentless steepness. It;s good to know what a full one feels like early.

New Troy Lee Designs body armor has been awesome. I don't normally wear that kind of stuff, but had a full top and bottom suit on today in the heat. It's got that shock doctor stuff, so it is soft till impact. Pretty sweet. Why not really, so much gnarly shit to land on here. Doesn't really hurt to have it, and their protection is hardly noticeable, well the shorts are a bit warm, but that's my only beef really. Think there is a lighter version. 4000 times better than those dainese suits that make you look like a turtle...