NEW HAMPSHIRECouple days of practice and still having fun, getting 'er dialed in. The track is changing a lot, but this rain is really gonna mix things up tomorrow for race day. Bit of a debate on tire choice on the east coast. I rode some spikes today but didn't really like em on the rocks and stuff, wasn't sloppy or mucky yet though, just moist. Tomorrow is a new day. Wish us luck.

This is a really good track, fairly technical the whole way. 2 or 3 flat sections but the rest has a good slope and some flow, rocky everywhere. Roots have come to the top too and getting polihed. There are some wide sections with line options, but the key is kinda carrying momentum along the straights afterwards..

Hard to resist scratching the bazillion bug bites per leg too. Rampant flies and mosquitos out here, seen a lot of bug masks and candles. Just found two ticks crawling across my stuff too. Sketchy. Rain has settled them a bit, but if the sun comes out and it gets all steamy, man, it's gonna be insect war out here.

Lars and I are holding it down out here in the east. Bryn is racing in Port ANgeles this weekend and will be out here with us for the next race in NY and the us open.

Few pics from our homies working for Decline Magazine. Coverage at