HYLAND MTB PARK, NHHere we are back in the North East... Seems like it wasn't too long ago we were just here, but always pretty fun. Hyland is a bit of a destination MTB spot here in New Hampshire, the park has the biggest Slopestyle section I have seen. It was featured in NWD 10, for those of you who watch bike vids. Anyway, quite a few dh trails and other stuff. Nice lodge and facilities. Super buggy here though, almost as bad as Ft.bill. Good thing I exported/imported skin so soft bug spray to combat these savages.

I did a few random dh runs on my 6" trail bike and found it pretty good on the blue trails. DH race course is a bit tougher though, has some rough spots, lots of rocks, g outs, and would for sure use a dh bike to go full speed. I only walked it, but it looked real good, super fast. Here is a helmet cam video from aaron chase if you're interested. http://www.pinkbike.com/news/HMBP-Pro-GRT-Course-Helmet-Cam-with-Aaron-Chase-2011.html

Practice tomorrow... Later..