Bit different story with the weather today for finals, as it poured all night n day, causing our nice little mt.panorama track to become quite a slippery adventure down the hill. I must say the competition in elite men was pretty amazing. Guess the $2060 just for the win brings em outta the woodwork. (the pic obove guys weren't standing in order).

I Started the day on dry tires to practice my sliding, but ended up on my ass, and put one spike on the front, cause someone , huh hem- Bryn, accidentally grabbed a minion instead of the other spike. Bryn was dialed though, he had the two cut spikes and something to prove today.

So many riders backed out and went home, pretty weak, but I guess aussies aren't used to mud, and without the proper set up, it was quite slippy. Not good for the promoters either, they cancelled all the other activities and events at the festival, bmx, skate, scooters, concerts etc. Just luge and the Downhill were running. I thought luging down pavement would've been a bit of a death wish, but all clear.

Anywho, With my one spike, I fishtailed my way down the track, not a stellar time, but enjoyed it and came out $750 richer. So much changes with a little moisture; lines, bike prep, warming up even when you are freezing cold, bringing extra gear, staying warm, making yourself push hard in  uncomfortable conditions, sliding around, saving it, finding the edge. Nice that we live so close, got to sleep in our own bed, make breakfast, etc. It was like any ol day of training, except, sam and all the other guys were there making it feel pretty official.

In elite men, I only got to see the last 5 come out of the start, first turn was grassy n muddy but no crashes. Kovarik had a wild ride, no spikes, grass chunks flying, slipping all over, cased the first jump. So that goes to show it was tricky for everyone!! Ben Cory looked extremely solid at that top point, as did bryn. I knew it would come down to them to beat sam who was sitting in the lead for a bit. Didn't see Sam doing much practice this weekend, but he is always a threat, obviously.

Little Rhys killed it for 5th, beating out some top riders on his dry tires. he's riding so well. Our little family cleaned up today:)

What else? dunno, except it just took an hour and a half to power wash the shit outta our gear- bikes, helmets, socks, goggles, etc. Can't ever escape the rain it seems...

DH FINALS 1. Bryn Atkinson 2. Ben Cory 3. Sam Hill 4. Brandon Yrttiaho (u19) 5. Rhys Atkinson 6. Kovarik

QUALIFYING: BATHURST, NSW, AUS Atop Mt.Panorama, a small dh course spanning 1min 20+ has drawn some of the world's top talent. Newton's Nation is a big music and gravity festival, so there is a lot going on including this dh race. Somehow this one off event managed to pull together one of the best prize purses in Australia, and with that brings good racing. Sam Hill, Bryn, Kovarik, Rennie, Ricky Boy, Ben Cory, Etc just to name a few.

I made a little movie from seeding with my Contour HD helmetcam-  JILL'S MOVIE. Pretty fun little track, high speeds, natural terrain with jump features and rocks. It sort of reminds me of sea otter with the dirt and scenery, but a lot lot better, no uphills, fast speed, and chill atmosphere.

Kovarik posted the fastest time in qualifying by 4 tenths over bryn. I posted fastest ladies time. Sam and I went earlier than everyone else, He had some engagement at the Aussie supercross down near sydney, and I was the only lady that wanted to do a seeding run. SO yeah, the track is getting blown out as we progress, hot n dusty. Could change though.. .