MT.ST.ANNE, QUEBEC Another practice day, but I decided to have a rest from the DH bike, 6 days in a row is a bit much on this track. Instead  hiked down to scope lines and watch practice. Hard to really see good lines unless you take time to look objectively why it's better and how to execute. I think certain skills take time, but I am learning and seeing things in a new light:). Bryn usually helps a little bit with this, but his sprained ankle has kept him sidelined the last couple days .

There was some light rain last night, which caused a few top turns out in the open to be slippery, but the rest looked surprisingly dry, only effected the top layer in most spots. Lot deeper holes in the turns. I probably learned more by watching practice and resting, then if I rode. Some of the boys have really creative lines out there, Ben Reid, our lucky little irish friend was quite crafty.

Couldn't really help myself though from not riding entirely, pump track world champs are saturday night, which doesn't suit DH racers sun am rce schedule, but I did manage a hot lap or two. There is about 90% less soul at this pump track worlds than at the one in OZ last year though. The course is built alright, couple good turns, but seriously lacking in technical difficulty- wasn't that impressed and I love pump tracks. Lopes is here to pump it up:) Didn't expect that, but I like when he comes to races and hangs out. Think they are having some kind of legends race for the 20 year anniversary as well.

ANyway, gonna watch 4x finals tonight, and then tomorrow another hour or so of DH practice, then sunday finals. Supposed to have some rain tonight. ever changing.

4X FINALS We watched the 4x on last night, and were laughing so hard from the commentary. Pretty good entertainment, glad I wasn't racing though. Seemed like it was really hard to see at night, dark spots and flashes going off. Rad to see a girl on her DH bike from Brazil almost make the finals:) Was gutted for Jared, he was leading the final, slowed down too much and got passed in the last turn. Kind of exciting, but I feel his pain . Caroline won with a snappy gate start, followed by the 2 Czech BMX ladies.