MT.ST.ANNE, QUEBEC3 days of practice and a timed full run done and dusted so far here at worlds. The track has evolved a bit, but this practice schedule is extremely drawn out, with an hour and a half or an hour each day, and still 3 days to go. Today was a mandatory timed run, but it didn't really count for anything, except putting a full run together. So far, from that one run, and the conditions being as dry, blown out, and dusty as they were, I can tell you that it was extremely difficult to hit all the right lines, and keep speed everywhere without stalling. The track is 5 min + for chicks, and 4.40 something for guys. The length wasn't really that big of an issue except my hands felt it, and you are on a very fine line most of the way down at such high speeds. Guess your brain has to focus that whole time which is hard too. Minnaar and Mosley took top times. I was 5th in Elite WOmen. FULL RESULTS

Bryn rolled his ankle yesterday, so he had to sit the timed run out,but is getting better. Probably a good thing really to keep him fresh and just react to the track later in the week- After this alleged weather strikes. Hot temperature and humidity are putrid, but the tail end of a hurricane might be a little worse. We will see if "Earl" shows up or not.

I feel like I should be taking more pictures for all of you, but racing downhill now, there is a lot less time for wasted energy. Just kind of manage my time so I have something to report when it counts.  Save the photo taking to the professionals at Pinkbike, vitalmtb, dirt, etc.

Guess the only unusual thing I did today was hand tailor my usa Jersey to fit. Dunno how many times they have screwed up my size, but I definatly had to do some quick needle and thread work. Red bull had my spare one professionally tailored for sunday so I don't loose mega time, Thx guys!!.

Here is a pic of my fancy world champs frame. It's looking pretty sweet all built up, but I haven't take a snapshot yet.