MT.ST.ANNE, QUEBECWorld champs week going on right now. We drove northeast from Windham, NY early monday morning, crossed the border, then arrived just in time to be the last on the lift for the monday track walk. Pretty tight schedule considering it's an 7-8 hr drive. It was dark by the bottom, but at least not too hot, scorcher days here. Mosquitos were out too, but I somehow killed one with a single blink of the eye. Ninja:)

The venue here in Eastern Canada has been a staple of World Cup racing for like 19 years or something, so to have the grand finally of the season here is pretty special. I have never ridden DH here, but so far the track is really fun, fairly straight forward, fast as hell, awesome technical bits in the woods, and right now dry dry dry. High speed turns in loose skatey rocky terrain. Felt a bit timid not wanting to eat shit and die in the fast parts, but linking turns up is the most crucial part and finding flow in the blown out sections. Only had a couple runs on the course, so it will find it's way as will I by sunday.

Not stoked on being super hot and sweaty by 9am, heat wave or something. Rain predicted later on in the week.