WINDHAM, NYDH Race finals today on US soil. Lovely day, track was ripping fast and dry, except for two spots, and everything was set.

I got about 10 seconds, maybe less into my run and had a crash, bending my bars a little, and moving my break lever, bar to quad right on my nasty bruise, and kinda couldn't use my brake right, so that was it. Nice initiation. Doesn't mean I didn't have fun all week, and felt good out there. Just meant I tried to go too fast and made a mistake. Lesson learned. Rachel Atherton won on the day, after her shoulder injury a month ago, adn Frenchie (sabrina) took the overall.

Bryn had a flat I think near the road gap. Marshy has this little system rigged up on our wheels to keep the air in, so Bryn rode most of the course with about 10psi, till it finally went. Super unlucky.

Exciting racing from everyone else though. The Men's overall came down to .37 seconds between Gee Atherton and greg Minnaar, but Gee had it. Poor peaty though, he was about a second and a half up at the last split, and crashed right near the bottom. So it goes, some have lucky days others not so much.

Rad to see so many US fans out here cheering. I felt terrible coming through all dirty, like I let everyone down. Gwin kept it together for the USA though with a 4th, and 4th in the overall world cup.

Moving on to WOrld Champs next week in Quebec. photo: