WINTERPARK, CODh practice today as well as Slopestyle. Being that we are at a mountain resort with a bike park, there were so many people around the venue today. Bunch of familys, people riding bikes, spectators, etc., so on that note this venue is pretty good. I think if the dh course ended at the fireroad section about 4 min into the run, I'd be having a great time, but it continues at least another 3-4 min after that.

Top half of the course is actually really good and challenging. Some steep rooty rocky bits, skatey turns, traversing shelves, rocks, etc. It's just the bottom that is draining the joy outta this place. Really really really unmotivating. Oh well. I had fun working on sections that I needed to. Trying to save some energy for tomorrow. Have only done like 8 or 9 runs total, but should be good. I wouldve thought that more Colorado locals would be here, maybe they knew how painful this track is to race, dunno. Either way, riding is riding and that is all the reward we need:)

Slopestyle just finished up. We were watching the jumbo-tron from a nice shady spot until the wind got all crazy, cam McCaul broke his femur on a front flip, few other guys struggled too, so then they delayed the event. Our viewing spot was shady, but I was getting really annoyed by all these xc bandits standing right infront us, and the screen, Lycra-ed out looking all gross, also still wearing helmets eating lunch. Put some pants on and take your helmets off for crying out loud, arrghhh. Had to leave.

Anywho, Luckily for the slopestyle guys the wind died down, but Lars and I were already on our way to a tasty sandwich spot in town. Semenuk was pulling some flawless runs, and has really nice style, so the victory was his. Guess one guy did a double tailwhip on a big gap, but that wasn't enough.

Dh quali and race tomorrow, on a plane that night, transition dealer days mon and tues!! Then crankworx in whistler!! Can't wait!!!!!'

On a little side note, I was bombing down this open grassy section, and a bee nailed me at full speed right on the tender vain in my arm they usually draw blood from!! Such precision, missed my elbow pad by about a mm. Straight injected venom, nice.