WINTERPARK, COWell, no rain most of today. Slopestyle course dried up enough from yesterday to get qualifying done. We had dh practice at the same time, but I overheard top 10- most of the big names were in there. 1.Zink 2.berrecloth 3.watts 4.mccaul 5.Mitch chubey 6.Sam pilgram 7.soderstrom 8.Amir kabbani 9.gullevich 10.Paul bass. That's the cut.. Hopefully the weather holds and those guys get to run their final tomorrow.

On the Downhill front, part of the couse is good, and the entire bottom half is not. I was so unmotivated to ride the bottom half, just flat and a ton of effort, so flat my back was sore. 7 min course at altitude. I confronted the uci about shortening the track to fit the 2-5 minute official rule, and of course there is a clause, weak. Gotta make due I suppose. Tomorrow is a new day, and my attitude will change once the pace picks up. Didn't make us happy that the couse has been open all week for people to poach.

Only 4 runs in, it'll tak