PORT ANGELES, WA SUNDAY FINALS: Took the victory as did Lars for #4, but the cool part about this win, is that the series is complete!! Claimed a sick new GNU snowboard for my prize as Series overall champ, as did Kyle Thomas in the Pro Men's overall,,, the ol race experience is piling up and we are getting closer and closer to Worlds and World cup finals:)

Thanks go out to Casey and Scott for running the show. They keep it real- fun, as did Estes on the mic. Quote of this weekend was, "Carl, I want to strangle you like a little dog". Nice, keeping everyone giggling. Port Angeles has a good variety of trails, that I think may be better in the wet, but about 5-6 DH tracks, and a killer dh xc loop, nice shuttle road, and plenty of good people. Doesn't get any better as far as a local scene. It's out in the middle of nowhere, but there was a lavendar festival in town, Sand sculpture exhibits all over, dungeness Crab is from there, beautiful scenery of mountains and ocean, maybe one or two vampires, and a lot of meth heads roaming the streets in town:) Check it out sometime.

SAT Lars and I are back in the NorthWest, taking in the series final of the NW Cup. These races are pretty fun, laid back, just pure riding at the grassroots level. We are on a trail I have never fully ridden before, white knuckle all the way down. It is really dry, dusty, high speed and loose in turns, Super hard packed everywhere else, and fairly steep, some turns with no support, plenty drifty from blowout, few bigger jumps, but nothing like sol vista. Just mellow. All good things that make the trail pretty challenging.

I didn't do too many practice runs as the drive back from Colorado took it outta me- a solid 24 hrs. And I still have a few minor lingering aches and pains. Didn't feel like doing a damn thing the last couple days at home, except for cruising the hood on the miyata:) and a sessions at the pump track.

Back in the spirit now though. Good people and fun times tend to put you in the mood for riding down hills as fast as possible! :) racing tomorrow, as well as mom's b-day!! Whoo hoo. 65. Home for cake!! Later...