Results are in from the Downhill World Cup from Champerey, Switzerland. Gee won, Minnaar 2nd which is really impressive, Brenden 3rd. I am relieved to announce Bryn made it out mostly unscathed and with 20th. I only got a brief message, but it sounde like he hit a couple of trees and got a little loose. It'll be really exciting when he puts it all together clean! I've had a good feeling for him about this trip, let's see if I'm right next week in Italy. The race in Champerey looked like such a shit show from the poor weather and steep terrain. Hard to say if that kind of riding would even be fun. Some of the top guys claim to be loving it, but I dunno. Check out the video on dirt mag, pinkbike, and see for yourself. I don't think any of it looked that enjoyable, but for sure a good test of riding ability.

Impressive for girls to make it down.