SOL VISTA RESORT, CO I was told by a homie, to put the "Soul" in Sol Vista, and that might just have happened yesterday. Dedicated the race to some broken friends , and Won my first ever Downhill National Championship in pro Women . Completes a little string I had going, consecutive national titles in 3 different disciplines; BMX, 4x, DH. Aaron Gwin took the men's title, with some injury to his hand . Nothing like a twist off champaign bottle, sans cork, to celebrate a big W, Thanks USA cycling:).

Pretty wild day yesterday. We all had quali and finals in the same day, which was brutal, but nice to be done with!!. Quali was my first full run and the ol Lungs were turned inside out, almost coughed them up. Complimented the ashy skin, chapped lips, and sunburn/windburn. At 9000 feet with no oxygen, this place was really hard to endure, can't wait to get back to sea level and moisture.

Top ten results in the men's final were somewhat surprising, somewhat. Gwin is a World cup podium guy, so he was the easy pick, but the most noteworthy result was Mikey Sylvestri. He won qualifying, then had a massive stack in his final and was still only 7 sec off the winning time. He would've won, I'm guessing. Luke Stroble also had the finish line in his sights, then got hijacked by the second to last turn onto his head, pretty good pic on pinkbike . He said he was on a good time, but that's racing. Kyle strait also was looking awesome in practice, but caught some of the nastiest wind of the entire weekend in his run. Jumps were pretty big to be getting blasted from unknown directions. Grizz caught the worst of it, blasted by a tailwind over the 40 footer and well overshot it, broken pelvis in two spots, dislocated, just nasty. Poor ol Lars Qualified 3rd, but then had a flat tire in his final run.

I had a good update going, but no internet, and we are about to hit the road . 20 hrs of driving, blah.

Full Pics on facebook...