GRANBY, COWeather has been hot and dry and super windy the last couple of days, haven't really seen a cloud in the sky so far. I was very much craving some slight overcast for my tender northwestern skin, but no such luck. Not even the best chapstick will work in conditions like these, chapped to the max. Feels like you're blasted with dry hot mouth from the beginning of each day. Glad we had a little time to get used to this altitude, because more than a few fellow riders are sucking wind hard here at 9,000 feet. I still feel the burn maybe like 20 seconds in just before the rock garden, but not too bad. Cruising seems better cause sneaking pedals in pays a toll, but gonna have to try. Kinda sorta feels like there are limit on speed in several places, you can't hit that drop with much speed. Don't foresee many massive margins for anyone. Maybe just avoid the rocks and holes, be smooth, and boost everything:) . The sandy turns and loose rocks are pretty tricky, a lot of the lines are easy to miss, massive cross winds don't help confidence either, I still have a couple big jumps left to do, but got em in the am. Leigh D blasted a good one, inspired us all:)

My good pal Pruitt got really hurt. We were riding most of the day together, then she went up for a last run solo, caught a little tailwind off the wood drop, overjumped it, snapped a pivot bolt her bike on the landing and got flung into a tree, breaking a bunch of ribs in her back, fractured scapula, bruised lungs. Not cool, she had to get airlifted to Denver to make sure her lung would be ok. ouch:( I'm dedicating my race to a wounded homie  KP!!

4X Watching 4x qualifying too, like 3 pro guys got carted off just in the hour that I was watching. The last straight claimed many, and your heart almost stopped watching peopple come into the step up and last 5 pac at full speed. Mitch Ropelato broke a collar bone clipping the top of that step up, TJ sharp separated his shoulder flipping down the same bit, etc. Not sweet. Just seemed like the last bit wasn't really built for super fast speeds.

Lars rode 4x, and qualified 6th on his covert, he said he was glad to get through that last part smooth, triple in double out. Hard tails were a little too rough. Dunno if he's gonna race though, seems like a lot more carnage may be had out there during racing, and you need a lot of mental focus for this dh track. 4X Track looked fun to ride, but I am glad to be concentrating on new challenges and saving energy for sunday:)

4X Quali Results MEN 1. Logan Binggelli 34.05

2. Erik Nelson 34.44 +.39 3.  Carney +.49

4. Barry Nobles +.56 5. Ross Milan  +.61 6. Lars Sternberg +1.12 7. Brian Buell +1.17 8. Lear Miller +1.28 9. Ryan Condrashoff +1.32 10. Mikey Haderer +1.36

Poor ol JD was 33, and the cut was at 32. He must have crashed or something, bummer.


1. Buhly 39.12 2. Neven 47.58 3. Jackie Harmony 47.77 4. Catherine Cantway 53.94