Leogang, 2014.DH Final http://www.pinkbike.com/news/jill-kintner-bryn-atkinson-norco-bicycles-2014.html

A press release was posted on Pinkbike and Vital about our re-signing with Norco for 2015. It's a bit of a different kind of year for us with more of a domestic approach, but Bryn and I are looking forward to projects with sponsors, picking and choosing our events, and having some time to be creative. The plan is to own our back yard and really have a good impact in North america and Key international events, while Bryn focuses more with filming and camps, and the races he wants to do.

For me, coming off 5th at Worlds and a few World Cup podiums, I didn't expect Norco to hire a new World Cup program, but it's part of the business, and I am happy for them, as having a male rider with potential to win is huge. For us, it is exciting to have some time to work smarter and more effectively on our business and strategy moving forward.

My schedule covers DH, Slalom, and some enduro racing. I included a couple World cup rounds  (Ft.Bill and Leogang), Worlds, Crankworx bc and NZ, Sea Otter, most of the Pro Grt series, US open, Colorado freeride festival, EWS colorado, some enduros, Kamakazi games, and skills camps at Stevens Pass with Bryn.

Norco bikes are awesome, as we helped develop them:), so our goals are to ride the best carbon bikes out there, keep our relationships with the sponsors and people that have supported us for years, race and win events, make creative content, and give back to the community.

Having run our Team program from the ground up for several years, Bryn and I have a lot of skills in the bike business that will serve us well. We will be everywhere, except Europe 400 times in one season:) North American racing is gonna be really good this year with the Pro GRT series making big gains, so I want to be a part of that, ride fast, and continue to make a difference in the MTB world and beyond.


THX> Jill