ANGELFIRE, NMSlalom finals went down last night after DH qualifying. It felt like a lot of effort pushing up the hill in the heat, but I had fun and took the title.

Luca Cometti took the men's title. Kyle Strait is one of the very best slalom riders in the world , and Luca was pinning it through the shitty loose turns to keep the pressure on after the first round by .1. Round two, luca was on the better course and rode a perfect run to win by .3, so congrats to him. He was on the Junior Worlds team last year for DH and is a ripper. This is probably the biggest win of his career, and he did it on an Intense tracer trail bike.

Luca Shaw had a crash in the semi and put in a blitz on the second run, but came up short, finishing 3rd. Cody johnson was here as well, but was acting weird , super quiet, which isn't normal for him, so I don't think he was firing for this event. He went out in the first round.

Other than that, this course was not really anyone's favorite, morale was down. I think it was slightly better than last year, but that's not saying much. I don't think the dirt allows for good tight turns. All good though, racing is fun, slalom bikes are my favorite to ride, and another title added to the collection.

just ready for dh :) Loving riding here. Had a bit of a mistake in Quali, so looking to improve a bunch today:).