Well honestly, I got a bit lucky with 3 fast British girls getting flat tires, but hey, that's racing and I am happy to be on the podium  in 5th for the second time already in 2014. The 650b wheels were awesome on a really rocky rough course like this, infact nearly everyone with factory support is on 650b dh bikes this year, so it all happend really quick and is proving to be better. Having a lighter bike also helped a ton!! These girls are very talented so it means a lot to get top results this year.

I don't think you can imagine how tough a race Ft.Bill is without doing it. It's mostly holding on from all the big hits and braking that gets you, then all the sprinting at the bottom. Plus surviving practice. I limited my practice, which was good and bad. Luckily the course doesn't change a whole lot, but building speed takes a little bit of time and finding that fine line. This place has everything to do with braking efficiently and getting the most out of the flat turns.

I learned a lot and will take that with me next week. Recovery now, feels like I've had few days at the gym in a row.

Big thanks to the team , Reg my mechanic, and Norco, Red Bull, and all our other sponsors.