Chicken dinner for round 2 of the NW Cup at our local venue of Port angeles (that means I won). With over 400 riders and trails that are incredibly fun to ride, It's refreshing to be local and get a victory in a very comfortable place. The course was a combination of trails, which I haven't ridden. They made a few changes for the better, and it was running really well in the dry.

Bryn won qualifying in the men's race, and had one little bobble to finish 3rd in the final. He and Luke Strobel are riding buddies, and this time Luke took the win with a dialled run. Sangers of Canada was 2nd. KT Kyle Thomas 4th, Dean-o Tennent 5th. Remi Gauvin was 2nd in quali and took a nasty crash doing this tricky gap just before cougar chutes and broke his thumb and hurt his back. There were a few diggers this weekend, which is kinda normal but not for PA.

Lots of competition for these events. A few canadians, Americans, an Aussie, etc:)

For my race, Miranda Miller and I battled it out once again. She was a bit ill, which made it not quite a full battle, but I was riding really well all week and finding good speed, so happy to put my Norco on the top step:).