We just finished up having our first team camp of the season here in Washington. Isak Leivsson, and Lorenzo Suding, our two new team riders, flew over from Europe for the gathering. Building new bikes is always good, plus getting a boatload of new gear, dialling everything in as a group, and going riding/ testing/filming, etc. Not the kindest of weather, but that's what happens in the N-dub when you get a new bike:)

I can't begin to tell you how much work it has been for Bryn and I to organize everything to be set up , and train , but it's a great success to see it all come to light, and have incredible equipment and a really good chemistry between everyone. Feels like a victory already. It should be a lot of fun traveling around the world racing bikes with these foos:). Each person brings a little flair and experience in different areas, plus some culture, so learning and moving forward is all part of it.

Big Thanks to the Norco guys for designing such incredible bikes this year. We are all really grateful to all our sponsors for helping create this program:) Can't wait for our debut in South Africa.