SEATTLE, WAWe are a few weeks back into the training routine. It feels pretty good to have structure again. To move forward in anything, I think you need a plan of attack, to know your weakness, and have none:). We have been through a few different trainers over the years, and through trial and error found a good program that works best for us.

Bryn and I are a lot different, so having something tailored to specific needs , injury rehab, etc. this time of year is key. Our stuff is super balance and stability based right now. Stretching, cool downs, yoga, gym, riding for fun. Skills, etc. If you have a reaccuring weakness or one body part that effects your stability, fix it, instead of just adding more weight. Use Dumbells or pulleys with one arm and get the other one equal. Simple concept, but a lot of die hard recreational riders are missing this . Especially hip stability and shoulders for women.

This is the perfect time of year to do a vo2 test as well to get zones accurate. Low heart rate for long time sets up the base. It sucks doing this stuff, but it makes you stronger than xc riding with high hr for 2-3 hrs. hold back on the hills, keep it steady, and it'll help. This is why people have road bikes. I don't personally enjoy road riding at all, especially in winter, but using an indoor trainer and watching tv works. Its a matter of putting the time in with intent.

Anyway. If anyone in Seattle wants to get some tests done, we work with a lab called PotentRx . Mention my name:)