NORWAY After a nice week of riding pinned in the dry, race day was wet as could be. It's been awhile since I've had to race in pouring rain and wind, but just adds a little bit of difficulty, tear offs, etc. Slippery rocks and a bit of greasy dirt is not ideal, but race day comes on sunday no matter what. Unfortunately for me, I had a couple crashes in my run and broke off my derailleur, big ol DNF. Boo. All I can do is learn and move forward. In the dry I felt really good here and qualified 6th with a decent run and room to improve.

The course in Norway was quite easy to remember, fairly straight forward, but by the time sunday comes, lines changed and things were rougher like usual.

Overall a fun place to ride, and I had a good week. The people here are awesome, so we will be back next year fro worlds.