The Neethling family was kind enough to host a few of us for the last few days at their place in Capetown. We have known Andrew and Jonty for such a long time, and always spoke about coming to visit, but there never seems to be enough time, etc. Bryn actually planned this adventure, as he and neethling are good mates, but he wasn't able to come:(  He missed out too cause I got to see South Africa up close and personal with an action packed trip.

The Davinci crew was camping out with me as well; Stevie, Gabe, Mark Wallace, mechanic Flo. As well as Casey Brown and Marcelo Gutierrez. Paris there the first day too but left early.

We did Road riding on the strand, ate at this awesome themed restaurant with Ryan from Red Bull RSA, went on a Safari, did a Shark Cage adventure, visited Table mountain, went xc riding, gym, more good restaurants, etc. Full tourist mode, but good fun.

Big thanks to Penny and Arno, Andrew and Jonty:) It's awesome to see how these guys live way out here in Africa. The terrain is awesome, similar to Australia but with different vegetation and bigger mountains encircling the bay. Once you get out aways over the mountains, the terrain has a Temecula-esk feel with the rocks and schrubs, but less bro-ed out:) Capetown is awesome, wish I had more time there.