Stevens Pass has Washington's only chairlift access bike park. There are a few trails of different ability open now, but as someone who loves to see my community grow, and also to have a killer spot to bust out as many dh training runs, stevens is awesome.

I scheduled these ladies camps with Stevens around my season since there was a gap in the race schedule and an obvious need for it. Kat Sweet was my helper, so we had a good time breaking everything down teaching the ladies some fundamentals, biomechanics and advanced skills like reading terrain and a little bit of race craft. I personally think I have an eye for this kind of teaching as not many people have studied form or bike set up as much as I have, so it's always good to make a difference for someone with a few tips. There were a couple junior girls who are some of the best I have seen too, so that's exciting to get to em early to make good habits. Of course we keep it fun with some laughs, a few jokes, etc. Kat and I have a really good balance of fun and different ways of looking at things:) Pink hair keeps it lively too:)

Anyway, go check out stevens pass bike park, then get onboard with a class. It was pretty easy for me as the resort handled accommodation, registration, transport, food, etc. So it's a killer deal.

Big thanks to all my sponsors, and especially to Sombrio who makes the finest ladies riding gear and Camelbak for the giveaways, everyone was stoked!!!