This is probably the biggest race other than Sea Otter to hit US soil this season for DH. Underworld cup/ NW cup #2/ US grand Prix , a race with many names taking over for the Pro grt series- which is coming up short this year.  World cup talent pool in attendance with Most all the big teams making the trip north from Sea Otter.

Bit of a mixed bag for us this weekend, as Bryn went down in practice, tweaked his knee a bit, and decided to sit this weekend's race out. I managed to win quali and finals, winning on 3 different bikes in 2 weekends. Woo. Go Norco's .

Crazy heckling out there today though. Hard to concentrate with all the noise and paraphernalia scattered across the track. Bet the foreigners appreciate a big fat American flag to the face. Gets slightly outta control, but you gotta love the enthusiasm, and custom chanting:)

Pro Men's Results 1. Steve Smith 2:22.44 2. Josh Bryceland 2:24.69 3. Connor Fearon 2:25.15 4. Aaron Gwin 2:25.17 5. Brook MacDonald 2:26.32 6. Andrew Neethling 2:26.49 7. Cam Cole 2:26.83 8. Nick Beer 2:27.00 9. Neko Mullaly 2:27.06 10. Luke Strobel 2:27.09

Pro Women's Results 1. Jill Kintner 2. Miranda Miller 3. Casey Brown