Seattle, WA We have enlisted the help of a high performance lab here in Seattle called Potentrx. THey work with a variety of people from Athletes, to firefighters, CEOs, people with heart conditions, etc. Having scientific proof and monitoring while exercising is reassuring to a lot of people, and the best way to check progress.

For Bryn and I , we have different strengths and weaknesses in our metabolic systems, so our training needs to match accordingly. The Vo2 test is pretty hard work, resistance keeps getting harder as you stay at the same cadence, testing your heart and oxygen system, (plus it's a little Darth Vader-ish breathing). Results show what HR you burn fat vs carbs and how much oxygen you provide to your muscles before it changes to co2 and you start flooding out with lactic acid. We also did a lactate test for recovery, resting metabolic test, biomechanics, pedal stroke analysis, etc. Really thorough place, awesome people. I'm no scientist,but thats the general idea. These guys are scientists, so we are really excited to have their help. It's very similar to the olympic training center style and Red Bull, but close to home!

We just saw a similar thing on the show Dirty Jobs with Race horses, go check it out...

Welcome to the team!!! Sean, Wes , and Dr.Tripps. Ninjas!!!