Bryn and I are heading south to Cali for winter like a couple of snowbirds. Normally we live in Australia, but sold our house last year and are mixing it up to be closer to sponsors, do some testing, training etc. Just a little easier to be in the usa while prepping for the season. The riding in Wa is still awesome, some days of frozen ground here and there. Lots of technical apparel, which I secretly love, but it is really cold. Riding, then soup and thawing out is the norm . Most people know the drill, but I've been spoiled by endless summer for the past 8 years.

Still got nearly a month before we go, should be fun, there is a good crew who lives down there and a couple of imports coming. Bryn sold our motos in oz, so we are looking into a couple stateside. I'm more of a trail moto rider- enduro, so we will see how that works out.. Anyway, should be fun.