The title girl power always makes me smile, in a cheesy kind of way. Reminds me of girl bands rocking out,and bryn commenting about girl power every time. Anyway, in the bike world, there truly is something special about women riding together, improvement is eminent, mini competitive drives push for it. It seems like such a novelty to have the opportunity to ride with talented ladies, as I'm really on a unique mid day ride schedule. But lately Katie Holden, (who just moved back into town), and I have been putting in some serious days of mud riding. I was showing her a new trail per day pretty much before training kicked in. Milly (amelia) is also one of mytalented gal pals, so it's quite fun to have a dynamic female crew. Little different than my usual role of being #3 behind luke and Bryn. Trail Boss is a treasured position, can't take it lightly. :)

Adding to that, Katie is really into adventures and photos, so we rounded up a few of our favorite canadian girls, Strand, Leishman, and Shorty, plus Paris Gore the photographer, and made a little trip over to orcas island to rally. Everyone brings a little something special to the table, from different backgrounds, so we had a lot of fun on trail bikes capturing the scenery. Rented a log cabin on the water with a little fireplace:) Good times, glad I got to be a part of it. Let the good times roll.