LAS VEGAS, NVJust finished 3 big days at interbike trade show. It's north America's biggest bike convention, but really most of the industry goes to Eurobike in Germany, which is like 6 times bigger I've been told.

For us, interbike is about meeting with sponsors, unfolding our plan for next year, and checking out all the latest gear. I set up meetings to fill up 3 solid days almost every hour. Lot of socializing as well. The bike industry has so many great people, that it's really fun to catch up with everyone. Hard to walk more than 10 feet without seeing someone to talk to:) Such a blowout though. As someone not accustomed to standing up all day, the ol back and legs really feel it. Need a few days to recover from all the potpourri air conditioning , and Buhly's retirement party.

bikes are fantastic, and the dream continues. Really nice to have created our own program and have such quality people behind us. Team Norco international will be better than ever next year:)