Well, I am not at World Championships:( Thought I would be healed up, but to be honest I still haven't ridden a DH bike, and my arm gets really achey/ tired holding , Gotta take breaks. Right at 8 weeks, so thats pretty good I suppose, think bones heal stronger and faster without the hardware. Trail riding is right up my alley this time of year anyway, gonna do some enduros and photo stuff. Got some style goals as well that are coming around:) I got in a few A-Line runs on my modified Trail bike yesterday for a Cancer Charity event  at Phat Wednesday in whistler:) Chainless and costumes plus a party= gong show, but pretty fun. Our fellow Norco rider Nick Geddes recovered from Leukimia, so he inspired this event, and actually won the series!! Team support:). Race was super fun!!! I enjoyed it so much getting to ride again. I didn't get the memo about the costumes, and felt like a bit of a jackass, but all good. Besides a rider pile up at the GLC drop due to costume error from ol spongebob, er,  not hucking, all good. Haha. Some awesome costumes. Girraffe, Apes, lots of spandex, banana man, lots of bullet helmets, a tandem, mario and Luigi, a crate attached to the front of the bike with a cardboard et inside tucked under a sheet:) , so good.

On the world champs front,,  Bryn is holding it down for our team in Austria, representing Aussies:) Track looks so fun! Few massive kickers! Neethling and Peaty have some sweet kits, Nice work!!! Good luck over there. First day of practice was today.