Last day of Crankworx. Kinda happens all really fast, then it's over. Aww. Lots goes on with 16 events over 2 weeks. It's hectic trying to fit in practice and the events. Most people are really pushing it to manage 5 events, plus the evening viewing of the photo contests, slopestyle, etc. Lake time, socializing, etc. Final event of the weekend, and Bryn finished 6th in the Canadian DH race, which was really good with a stacked field. World Champs is coming up next in Austria, so some good time on the bike in Whistler to get primed up. Lot of people got injured though. Pom Pom broke a collarbone, and you just see a lot of fatigue or other crashes if there is no plan in place to keep things tamed back. Just so easy to do a hundred runs and clap out your bike and body.

I will not be going to Worlds, but should be good for Norway:) has all the media coverage you should need.