Jeeze. Getting hurt sucks, but luckily for me just a broken arm and a lot of bruises. 6-8 weeks seems like forever though, will see how the healing goes for mellow Crankworx events and World Champs. Windham. I crashed after the high speed road gap and step down section, lost the front end hauling ass out of that left hand turn after those jumps. Bum deal, dunno why or how it happened, was probably going faster than normal. My front tire felt a little funny from when I got on my bike after warm up, but didn't think it was anything.

I hit the ground straight to sliding on my head and shoulder, plus my arm somehow slapped the ground and broke instantly. I was out of breath just wheezing, then holding my arm from moving got off the course so they wouldn't red flag tracy. Then fainted. Sigh. I was going really well this week.

Poor Bryn was so worried when he saw me.He had to still race not knowing what happened to me.Just knew they were taking me off the hill and to the hospital. New York is far from Seattle, But realatively close compared to Europe,and in my own country at least. Ironic that this Albany medical center was the same hospital that Bryn got his Femur repaired at last year.I even had the same nurses:) surgery went perfect. Now I am home and got 6+ weeks to heal. That's it so far. Black eye looks sweet.Been called the coon.