We just got home from a big couple of weeks over in Europe and the UK. Been quite an internet void over there, sorry for the lack of updates.

I had an awesome time riding it Ft.Bill, rad overall scene, good people, crowd, costumes, etc. Weather was even nice till race day.You should see the pit set up there, all these bigger teams are running semi trailers, busses, motorhomes, it's booming. Our pit was even all dressed up, Full walls, carpeted floor, some fancy chairs. Big time:)

As far as racing goes I just didn't seem to put anything together in my Quali or final. My qualifying run was awesome actually, minus a crash right after the top split, front end just slid out in a gravely turn, visor was down in my face, so had to push it back up, remount , and get going again, still was 8th in that, but without that, would have been something decent:) I was happy with it.

By sunday, it had poured all night and day.  The top gravelly turns and rocks were still pretty grippy. In my race warm up , i couldn't really get my Heart rate up, was just so tired, dunno what happened. I didn't really overdo it in practice, I don't think, but that track is so long and rough, especailly compounding it with val di sole last week. No excuses. Had a little excursion off the track in the top, then on the wall ride at the bottom, I went for it, slipped off the wood, and landed with my head in a tree. layed there dizzy for a bit, then whatever. Thought I did the woods pretty good, so that was one positive thing I suppose. 10th?? I think. Ragot won, which was a good effort.

Bryn was the hero of the team this week, busting out a solid amount of time on the hot seat, and getting back into the top 20.

Gwin took the eventual win. Minnaar missed the podium which is strange, guess a mechanical with his chain guide kept him from pedaling? Peaty rode down with a torn hamstring, which is mad, but he has so much heart to do it- didn't want to let anyone down. Danny hart with 2nd, and almost the win .8 off?

Downhill has so many ups and downs. Emotioanlly, physically.

From now on I ride for fun, nothing else. Think I got a bit ahead of myself, and lost the spirit from practice. Racing is my favorite game, time to ride like it:)

The best thing about World cups though, is that all the best competitors are there. I enjoy that so much more. All those days at home pretending they were there, is no match for the real thing.

Thanks to Alain out mechanic this trip too, good little swissy , making sure thing swere all in check.

I have more to write, but not now. We had a long day of travel from Edinburgh to Seattle. Was 24hrs of being awake pretty much door to door.

Heading to whistler tomorrow. Body is a bit sore and ready to rest, so gonna be mellow this week.