jill kintner / "I am not willing to compromise on a good descent, and the kronolog post does what it is supposed to do… Letʼs me climb with full extension, and reacts quickly and quietly when I want to drop my seat down to shred. For a cable driven system, the feel is really smooth and consistent, plus reliable in all conditions. I find the routing off the back of the post an obvious improvement, and the logo as the lever a thing of beauty. Adjustable posts make riding more fun.” That's my quote from the product release:) I've been testing this new adjustable seat post out for months, in so much mud and sand, so it is exciting that Crank brothers has finalized the Kronolog for the public!!! It's a much simpler design than the previous joplin adjustable posts. Operated by a cable, this post has a nice smooth feel, speedy at the bottom, and smooth to the top. No play from side to side, it's quiet, the cable attached to the post doesn't move with the seat anymore (stationary), and the remote lever is so cleverly the CB logo. All good things. Design and function:) check it.... http://www.crankbrothers.com/seatposts.php