ADELAIDE, AUS Photo: Bryn in action.

Troy Brosnan and Tracey Hannah are the new Aussie champions.

Race day started out pretty chill, some overcast skies eased the death sun, and made for nice flat light. Track was running dry and skatey, but good.

The tv coverage was probably the best I have seen at an event, so awesome job for that, made the big screen viewing spot pretty lively for the fans.

Under 19 guys set the tone going first. Aussie Juniors are so fast on a track like this. ,Connor fearon took the win, and third fastest time of the weekend. Local advantage? Not really, just good riding.Think the top10 is pretty tough. Rando will be taking a handful of these kids to Mt.St.Anne and windham for some world cups. Photo: Connor Fearon- U-19 Champ

For elite women, Tracey and I were within .8 of a second yesterday. Unfortunately I got a flat tire near the end kinda, and that was it. Spewing. so yeah nothing I can do about it except avoid sharp rocks. Looking forward to having a mechanic again so i can run tubeless:) Stan's tubless is sending some special race formula to tryout. My time would have been better than yesterday, but who knows if it was enough. Congrats to Tracey for the win, I still managed 2nd, and Shelly flood for 3rd.

Funny story, I was sprinting into a section during practice and got stopped by a marshall cause the KOala was crossing the track:)

Men's elite. 1.Troy 2.Sam hill 3.Rhys Willemse 4.Kovarik 5.bryn. 6.jared Graves 7.Delfs 8.rhys 9.Will Rischbieth. Impressive riding to watch. Looks like Troy can't put a wheel wrong, pump track floaty style, he's off his head. Sam looked as good as ever, pedaled real strong and efficient, just maybe too easy of a track. I didn't really see those two practice together, race rivals maybe? Sam had a big picture in the paper, no smile, and Troy riding in the background. Media will love this team dynamic, but ultimately it's good for Sam.

Bryn rode really smooth and steady. He had a crash yesterday, and some swelling in his knee, so good to battle back. His riding style is so nice to watch. Really proud of him for coming back so strong from the femur and elbow. I'm a big fan:) like having my buddy at the races again;) His little bro Rhys too- Good times.

Photo - Big cat- AKA Rhys Atkinson

Nothing between positions, all close.

COngrats to Will in 8th as well. He's had a chronic back problem, barely rides because of it, and still pulled a top 10.

Overall, we survived the heat, did a ton of riding, and are now driving the great ocean road home. I took some pictures, and will post up later.