Wentworth Falls, NSW Pretty nie to be back in Australia. Really peaceful where we live in the Blue mountains. Lots of space and epic scenery. We are surrounded by national parks and world heritage areas, so not bad. Still a bit cold, but I'm sure I'll be back to dealing with the heat in no time. Loving the long full days of summer once again.

Happy to see all our pals. We have a crew that we see nearly every day. BBq, hanging out, bike riding, moto days, etc:) pretty fun. I tried out a 250f for the first time ever, and had a good time. Was pretty nervous about the size and weight, but decided to finally trade in the little Honda 150r for some bigger wheels and proper sizing . Suspension is getting done this week:) Our new trainer has a MX background, so I've been getting all the hot tips with fundamental control. Will maintain my stand as a trail adventurer though:)  Love missions.

Check out this breakfast spot right down the road. Hell of a view. Out the door are our running trails that go down to the waterfalls and canyons. Conservation Hut

Old Holden FC car. Australian Made

Our homie- Cillian Kennedy @ the job site. His bro Lockey owns- Kennedy Construction- Locky and his pup Rocky not pictured

Day 1 on a 250f . 

Bryn getting after it. back up to speed:)

BMX track down in Lawson finally got a rebuild. Super sweet technical layout:) We just had a look, not finished yet.