For some November is the time to grow a mustache , but for Bryn and I it is the final bit of cold weather we have to endure before heading into spring/summer time in Australia!! our double life of dirt bikes, driving on the wrong side of the road, looking at funny animals, riding through the gum trees, and eating sleeping and breathing improvement on bikes. With a lot of changes on the horizon, things are looking bright in days to come. For now, daily life includes frost on the windshield, coffee, colorful trees, darkness at 4:30pm, lot of emails, and quite a bit of time in the gym getting ready to get ready, if you know what I mean:) Starting a bit early this year thanks to Perform X training! You will know more about this soon enough. Bit of a powerhouse line up of Athletes this year from one of Canada's finest Mtb and Moto trainers- Todd.

Few more weeks, then Adios,, off to see the wizard , again.