RENTON, WAYesterday was the 2nd annual halloween slalom event at Bermsled trail. Bunch of people chipped in to make it run smooth, but GHY Bikes, Phil Sunbaum, and Travis were the main players this year. Gibby, brough some smoked salmon, which was a welcomed alternative to spicy dogs. Thx gibby.

Trail was flowing real well, perfect conditions, Even some sunshine for a nice little saturday of slaloming.

The turnout was a bit bigger this year, think at least 40 riders. Which was good, but then the wait to do runs was massive. 30-40 min between runs. 1.5 min between people.

Bryn decided last minute to race. He rode this trail the other day on his trail bike with the seat kinda high and was ripping, but hasn't really done too much little bike stuff or standing up and sprinting.

Not surprising, he hasn't lost any skill, and took out the Victory!!! In two runs none the less!! He's doing really well with the rehab on his femur, working every day to get it back.

2nd-5th were all within less than a second. 1st Bryn 59.99, Keith 2nd with  a 1.01.2, 3rd Lucas 1.01.5, 4th Jill 1.01.7, 5th Travis 1.01.9

Tons of prizes, snacks, and good times. Fun to be  a part of again! Thx guys!

Costumes were pretty good. Travis, hands down won best costume as the count from sesame street. I went as Brent Pee Wee Lee, you have to be kinda old school bmx to get it. He is the ABA all time points leader, from Wa, and always wore a jofa, fanny pack, had crazy number plates with blinking lights, etc. Other noteworthy costumes; AJ was The Dude from the big Lebowski!! White russian in hand!! Couple goth blood bath guys, a Hipster, Wolverine, Black Swan, bumble bee, cow, party boy, jersey shore jailbird, and one sicko was a feminine product. All in the spirit fo the season...