Beautiful day yesterday at the bike park at Stevens Pass. Best scenery with the sun shining and all the fall colors. Not a super developed location as far as a village, but the main lodge is really nice. This weekend had a lot less of a crowd than opening weekend's 1000 people. Didn't have to wait in line at all , just pounded out runs. Got in like 11 or 12 just chilling. Having a chairlift makes it so easy to get in the volume. There were only two trails open so far, which is a good start. Lots of potential still to go.

Of the two trails open, the Wookie trail was really quite good, especially in the mud- Kinda kept the trail clear. Washington dirt is so much fun in the wet, I love ruts!! probably my favorite thing, so I had a blast cruising through the forrest. The run is probably about 2.5 min. Bryn even rode it on his covert, but kinda needed to chill out and bring a bigger bike. First few days back on dirt.

The other trail, a blue trail, was not for me, it probably rides pretty good in the dry, but it was so boggy this day and flat and mellow. Like though that it catered to a new crowd. Saw all kinds of people , on a variety of bikes out there riding having a good time, which is what it's all about!! Little something for everyone. Made some new friends:)

Back in the day, I had a seasons pass at this mountain to snowboard, so Stevens is my zone. Remember my  little red VW Golf, Dilated Peoples blasting on the stereo, and many a wooded missions through the trees with my pals. Wish Harrison were here now.

Anyway, fantastic start to the Bike park!! Honestly, nothing better than fall conditions!!!! Only bummer is daily bike washing, but small price to pay. Can't wait to get a billion runs in:) Hopefully they want to use some local Pros to promote the place!! I'm down, being as local as they come and the National champ:).